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March 08, 2019
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January 21, 2019
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January 3, 2019
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Prime Publishing Welcomes Bloggers in First PrimeCon May 23 , 2019

Northbrook, IL—Prime Publishing, LLC hosted its first-ever blogger conference from May 16–17, 2019 at their main office in Northbrook, IL. B


RecipeLion Cookbook Featured in Relish Magazine April 17 , 2019

Northbrook, IL—RecipeLion's The Lighten Up Cookbook was featured in the May 2019 issue of Relish Magazine. In an article entitled "Super Summe


Prime Publishing, LLC’s Cake Cookbook Makes IndieBound’s Bestseller List March 18 , 2019

Northbrook, IL—Prime Publishing, LLC's most recent cookbook release, Festive Holiday Recipes: 103 Must-Make Dishes for Thanksgiving, Christmas


Consumers Prefer E-mail Communications

June 21 , 2013

Northbrook, IL — New communication avenues develop at a rapid pace in today’s digital world.  Advertising brands have options when getting the consumers attention: text messages, blogs, social media, and more. Despite companies’ desire to jump aboard the trendiest tools, new research conducted by Lyris Labs and The Economist determined that 37% of consumers still prefer to learn about different brands through e-mail, more so than personal referrals from loved ones, social media, mobile devices, and more.

After the initial engagement, 52% of consumers reveal that e-mail remains one of the top three preferred communication platforms for brands during post-purchase follow-up, making it one of the strongest ways for advertisers to get their product and ensuing message across. By using personalization techniques to further tailor advertising to each consumer, advertisers can capitalize on available marketing research to maximize cost per revenue.

The demographic of these e-mail supporters may also come as a shock. The e-mail marketing field appeals to younger consumers as well (20–30-year-olds) who ranked e-mail communications as the second most-preferred form of brand outreach. Despite the powerful presence of younger consumers on social media, only 5% look to social media for brand engagement.

The value of e-mail marketing continues to appeal to consumers of all ages, confirming its place as one of the most powerful marketing resources available for developing and maintaining brand-to-consumer relationships.