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March 16, 2022
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June 15, 2021
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May 1, 2021
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E-mail Marketing Driving New Business

July 09 , 2013

Northbrook, IL — Don’t trust the hype. At least, that’s the latest lesson learned in a 2013 article from, which claims that despite the buzz around social media, businesses are better off gaining new consumers through e-mail marketing.

This new report originates from data provided by marketing outfit Custora who studied the acquisition channel growth of businesses over a four-year period, monitoring its areas of most significant growth. While the rate of consumer growth through e-mail marketing had quadrupled over the past four years to a remarkable 7%, Facebook and Twitter continue to barely register on consumers’ radar, suggesting that perhaps newer does not equal better.

By tracking the two-year purchase history of over 72 million consumers, Custora discerned that e-mail customers were far more valuable than the average customer—by 11%, no less. By comparison, Twitter followers were 23% less valuable than the average customer. Despite the “new” and “fresh” appeal of social media, it still cannot provide for businesses to the same degree as e-mail. Customers from organic search remain a business’s prized audience with 50% more value than the average customer, making them the most likely to shop and spend money with a given retailer. A customer obtained through CPC was second with 37% more value than average.

Plus, the marketer’s ability to personalize e-mail to fit the consumer combined with the security of delivery helps make e-mail marketing a sustainable, long-term prospect for businesses.