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June 15, 2021
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May 1, 2021
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May 1, 2021
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Prime Publishing Launches Innovative Web Magazine

August 25 , 2014

Northbrook, IL – Prime Publishing has expanded its reach in the crafting community with the launch of its brand new digital subscription magazine, I Like Crochet, in August 2014. An innovative venture from the founders of, the I Like Crochet magazine features 30 exclusive projects and up to 7 tutorials in each issue, complete with professional, full-color photos and in-depth videos. Issues are released bi-monthly and are currently available in both website and tablet versions.

“Given the great success Prime Publishing has already seen with our free website, AllFreeCrochet and AllFreeKnitting, launching online premium content was the next logical step,” says Caitlin Eaton, Managing Editor of I Like Crochet. “We serve a passionate audience, one who’s always looking for more projects, more tutorials, and more tips and tricks. And now we’ll be able to offer all of those things on a higher level using the hand-selected content that appears in our magazines.”

The I Like Crochet digital magazine is the first of its kind on the market, originating and existing completely on the web. Prime Publishing partnered with the Mequoda consulting firm. Mequoda’s CTO and Lead Architect Aimee Graeber helped to develop the magazine’s foundation.

“Usually, when we’re talking about a tablet magazine we have to reconcile future goals and technology with current design, editorial, and staffing,” Graeber says. “In this case, we worked with… the team at Prime to create an entirely new magazine from the ground up, taking advantage of all our current best practices.”

Not only does an innovative digital magazine offer new ways for crafters to discover new patterns and techniques, but it offers designers the chance to expand their horizons as well.

“I think the biggest value we bring into the industry is opportunity,” Eaton states. “Another publication means another platform for both companies and designers to showcase their talents and products to a new and passionate audience.  Since consumer habits are shifting into the digital realm, we knew our magazine would be a digital-only publication. We strive to offer a convenient and engaging experience as consumers are able to access quality content.”

The I Like Crochet magazine differs from the typical flipbook magazine that has become standard practice across the web. The tablet version functions as an app with patterns and charts appearing directly over the pattern itself. The website version comes with page-by-page navigation and a linear reading experience. Website subscribers can then find previously featured patterns in the I Like Crochet library, a feature not typically found with flipbook magazines.

According to a recent article by Mequoda, “flipbooks tend not to be particularly reader-friendly, offering a poor user experience, which is reflected in the reader engagement data showing readers usually only stick around for 8-10 minutes with a flipbook edition of a magazine (versus 50-70 for a typical print magazine).”

Reviews from bloggers have already been pouring in, and the crochet world is already chomping at the bit for more.

“Every publication needs to find its groove, but I Like Crochet seems to have hit the ground running,” says Tamara Kelly from Moogly Blog. “I was genuinely surprised at the great range of patterns included in just one issue. And I really enjoyed reading the articles too – and it was all super easy to navigate.”

“I. Am. Hooked!” says Bethany from Whistle and Ivy. “[The magazine is] full of beautiful photography and gorgeous modern patterns, several of which I cannot wait to get started on.”

Fiber Flux also had positive remarks about I Like Crochet‘s debut issue. “The magazine is bursting with patterns in lots of categories, from afghans to shawls, several hats and even jewelry,” they state. “I found that the patterns accommodate all skill levels and regardless of where you are on your crochet journey, there’s a project just for you.”

Crafters can subscribe to the I Like Crochet magazine tablet version for $19.97/year, website version for $29.97/year, or both for $34.97/year.