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Knitting/Crocheting Freelance Writer
November 18, 2019
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October 16, 2019
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Editorial Apprentice
August 2, 2019
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Prime Publishing Launches SEO Consultation Services November 20 , 2019

Northbrook, IL — Prime Publishing, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of its search engine optimization (SEO) consultation services for blo


AllFreeSewing Celebrates National Sewing Month 2019 October 20 , 2019

Northbrook, IL – Prime Publishing’s annual National Sewing Month promotion in September has concluded its sixth year. Throughout the month,


Prime Publishing Hosts First-Ever Video Retreat September 13 , 2019

Northbrook, IL—Prime Publishing, LLC hosted its first-ever video retreat from September 6–8, 2019 at their office in Northbrook, IL. Ten blo


Prime Publishing Launches New Site:

September 08 , 2015

Northbrook, IL—Prime Publishing LLC, a leader in multi-platform cooking and crafting content, has just launched a new site: With tutorials on how to make your own handmade shampoo, how to transform a bookshelf into a nightstand, and even how to change the oil in your car, gives creative minds the skills and know-how to embrace the do-it-yourself culture in every aspect of their life.

According to a recent study conducted by GfK Roper Public Affairs & Corporate Communications, “a whopping 70% of home improvement projects involve DIY and/or some help from family or friends”.  A rising popularity in social media platforms, such as Pinterest and YouTube, has also helped educate and inform brave homeowners to tackle these projects on their own. With so many self-proclaimed renovators turning to the Internet for guidance and inspiration, the DIY Idea Center aims to help these creative individuals get the job done on time and on budget.

Broken down into popular categories, such as DIY home décor, homemade bath and beauty products, homemade kitchen staples, and DIY furniture ideas, the DIYideaCenter begs the ever-popular question: why buy when you can DIY? Users can find helpful printables, free downloadable eBooks, and can subscribe to the weekly newsletter, Daily Dose of DIY, for helpful tips and tricks delivered straight to their inbox every week. Readers can also submit their own DIY ideas for publication using our User Submission form.

Sitting among the necessary tools in every crafter’s tool box, technology has become so essential that DIYers can’t go without it. It has helped to make the impossible seem possible, and is here to make any project, big or small, simple and fun for creatives of all skill levels.

Be sure to visit Prime Publishing’s brand new DIY site, at and sign up for the free weekly newsletter, Daily Dose of DIY, which will deliver amazing tips, tricks, and tutorials right to your inbox.