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Digital Content Editor
March 08, 2019
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January 21, 2019
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January 3, 2019
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FaveQuilts Releases Two Books in Partnership with Leisure Arts July 10 , 2019

Northbrook, IL—FaveQuilts and Prime Publishing have partnered up with Leisure Arts to release two new quilting books: Quilted Wall Hangings: 1


Prime Publishing Receives Two Honorable Mentions in ReturnPath’s Hero Awards May 28 , 2019

Northbrook, IL—ReturnPath's 2019 Email Hero Awards were recently announced, and Prime Publishing, LLC, was the recipient of honorable mentions


Prime Publishing Welcomes Bloggers in First PrimeCon May 23 , 2019

Northbrook, IL—Prime Publishing, LLC hosted its first-ever blogger conference from May 16–17, 2019 at their main office in Northbrook, IL. B


Prime Publishing Receives Honorable Mentions at Email Hero Awards

February 19 , 2019

Northbrook, IL – Prime Publishing received two Honorable Mentions in Return Path’s first-ever Email Hero Awards program, announced on February 13th. Out of more than 50 submissions, Prime Publishing was selected for awards in two categories: Best Winback Campaign and Best Offer Email.

The Best Offer Email was produced by Prime Publishing’s Marketing Department. It featured a promotion of I Like Crochet’s New Year’s Super Sale and featured a GIF, a short creative to reduce scrolling, a prominent call-to-action. These features led the email to generate 274 orders for the premium content magazine.

The Best Winback Campaign was also produced by Prime Publishing’s Marketing Department. It featured an email sent to readers encouraging them to stay subscribed to Prime’s newsletters. The focal point of the campaign was a photo of a sad-looking puppy dog, with the copy ‘It’s been a while since we’ve heard from you! Would you like to continue receiving emails from us?’.

The Email Hero Awards were selected by a judging panel consisting of four Return Path email experts and a member of the Email Experience Council (eec) Member Advisory Committee. Other brands and companies among the winning submissions included AARP, Frontier Airlines, Mercedes-Benz USA, and SPCA International.

Return Path is the world’s leading email data solutions provider and an expert in email deliverability. They work with email service providers to help email marketers drive better response and increase revenue.