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March 16, 2022
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Digital Media Salesperson
June 15, 2021
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May 1, 2021
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h+h americas finalizes partnership with Prime Publishing December 30 , 2021

Northbrook, Illinois — • Together we are expanding industry outreach, connecting with our community.• First international offspring of th


Prime Publishing Hosts Cards for Veterans Charity Drive November 12 , 2021

Northbrook, IL – From October 11 through November 30, 2020, Prime Publishing is hosting a Card Drive for Veterans through its website FaveCraf


FaveCrafts Sees Continued Growth with Online Crafting Classes May 17 , 2021

Northbrook, IL - Prime Publishing used to host in-person classes, seminars, events and how-to opportunities. Their four in-house cooking and cra


Prime Publishing Named LiveIntent’s Publisher of the Week

January 24 , 2014

Northbrook, IL – Prime Publishing, LLC has been named LiveIntent’s Publisher of the Week. LiveIntent allows advertisers and publishers to provide the best-matched ads for each publication, maximizing their marketing value.

Prime Publishing was noted for adopting the LiveIntent Bid Manager (LBM) platform. Prime’s dual focus on attaining new subscribers while appealing to current subscribers is aided by LiveIntent’s Custom Audience technology, a tool aimed at showing the most relevant advertisements to each consumer, creating a personalized user experience every time. The Custom Audience technology not only helps publishers reach out to a wider audience, but it helps re-engage the inactive consumers.

A January 2014 article by LiveIntent notes that e-mail marketing was found to be 40x more effective than Twitter and Facebook marketing combined in acquiring customers. 91% of consumers still check their e-mail daily, despite the drop in usage from 2008–2012.

E-Mail Marketing More Valuable Than Social Media

The difference, Nick Dujnic from LiveIntent claims, is intent. “The act of opening an email is, in itself, a commitment to its content,” Dujnic said. “Whereas in social feeds, like Facebook and Twitter, the content a person sees is incidental to the reason they might be present there. When a person opens and [sic] email, the content is the reason.”

LiveIntent’s Custom Audience technology is one way to take advantage of this highly engaged audience. Prime Publishing’s strategy to maximize the potential in an engaged consumer has put them on the cutting edge of digital marketing.