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Negativity Surrounds Mother’s Day– Kids’ Crafts Bring Meaning Back

March 14 , 2013

Northbrook, IL –The masses are groaning that along with Christmas and Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day has become too commercialized. While protests are not taking place in public, more and more individuals are expressing their frustration through written word. It seems that where the day began as a celebration of the women of the world, it is now just another day for stores to put on their record sales list.

A columnist from the Trentonian takes the stance that these commercialized holidays exist solely to “make us feel guilty.” Whether or not this is true, the mere idea that people are lead to believe such things proves that the meaning of the holiday is lost. This sentiment is hardly new, as the woman who began the holiday of appreciation protested it a few years later.

This topic has led to passionate parties; some contest that we should honor mothers every day and others believe that mothers are simply doing their jobs and shouldn’t be thanked at all. Now, I think the latter opinion is a bit extreme, but simultaneously believe that buying a card written by a stranger does not make a day special.

Fortunately, kids are reverting to the original feeling of the holiday, and with the help of the free 14 Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids: Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas eBook they are making moms feel special again. This free eBook, courtesy of, features 14 full-length tutorials for Mother’s Day cards, flower crafts, perfect Mother’s Day gifts and more. Each project in this collection can be completed by children to show their adoration for a special woman in their lives.

It is difficult to argue that there is anything wrong with designating a day for children to craft for their mother as a thank you for raising them, especially when very little money is spent. The crafts inside of this free eBook aren’t so far off from being free themselves. The book includes projects made from recycled materials as well as from objects that are sure to be in any household.

14 Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids: Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas is sure to include a gift that is perfect for someone special. Mothers, aunts, and grandmas everywhere are sure to rediscover the meaning of this guilt-free holiday.

Your free eBook includes precious flowers made from water bottles, a bracelet with beads to represent each darling child, and the perfect cards to warm hearts. Be sure to check out those crafts and the other tutorials in 14 Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids: Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas.

To download a free copy of the 14 Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids: Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas eBook, simply visit:

For additional information on kids’ crafts or this free kids’ crafts for Mother’s Day eBook, please contact editor Jaclyn Holtzman.

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