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March 1 2024
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February 28, 2024
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February 28, 2024
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Latest Quilting Survey Reveals Top Trends and Interests

May 21 , 2013

Northbrook, IL — has recently finished up its brand new survey to learn more about what quilters across the web are most interested and invested in on the site. The responses also helped editors determine what the most popular quilting projects and topics were, and how FaveQuilts could communicate these trends to readers. Here are some of the results:

The survey revealed that 99.3% of FaveQuilts readers are female and 0.7% are male, with the majority, 58.0%, belonging to the 60 and older age group. Many of these quilters preferred to quilt a few times throughout the week (45.2%) and usually dedicated 1 to 2 weeks to each pattern (47.2%), with the most common skill level for the quilts preferred being intermediate (50.5%). These dedicated quilters love quilting for other family members (61.8%), and also enjoyed sewing, knitting, and crochet, as well as other crafts like embroidery and cross stitch.

One of the most important things noted in the survey was cost. More than half of survey takers chose “the cost” as the hardest/most frustrating thing about quilting, and readers acknowledged spending $50-$100 (25.4%) and $200+ (24.2%) on their craft. With most quilters buying fabric by the yard, it’s not surprising that 41.5% would like to see more scrap projects in newsletters to find ways to cut costs.

In regards to the FaveQuilts website, an overwhelming number of readers chose the individual project pages as their favorite part of the site (83.2%). In turn, these readers would like to see more techniques and tutorials (28.7%) in the future. With new projects and tutorials added each week, the editors of FaveQuilts will continue to expand the number of resources available to quilters in all aspects of the craft.

Key findings of the survey:

-Types of quilts being worked on:

Art Quilts – 2.1%
Bed Size Quilts – 46.2%
Mini Quilts – 5.4%
Throw and Lap Quilts – 40.4%
Wall Quilts – 5.9%

-Staying connected with FaveQuilts:

Piecing It Together Newsletter – 85.1%
Facebook – 20.0%
Pinterest –  10.0%
Twitter – 0.6%
Google+ – 6.0%
FaveCraftsBlog – 11.4%

-Time Online:

In the morning – 40.8%
In the afternoon – 9.1%
In the evening  – 30.5%
I’m online all day – 19.6%

-Quilting Resources:

Online – 56.3%
In books -18.6%
In magazines -25.1%

As the main way readers stay connected to FaveQuilts, the Piecing It Together newsletter is one of the main focuses for improvement. Here is some of what readers had to say:

“I like the newsletter just the way it is. It provides a wide variety of projects that are fun and easy to do.”

“A tiny photo with each title to make it easier/ faster to find what interests me as I have very little time to go through each listing.”

“I enjoy it as it is. I would like to continue seeing new ideas & new techniques”

“Patterns, and more patterns!”

“Already doing a super job. I’ve gotten many ideas from FaveQuilts.”



Kathryn Wright
Editor is a property of Prime Publishing LLC

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