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March 1 2024
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March 15, 2023
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March 15, 2023
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Christmas Crafters’ Interests and Habits Revealed in Recent Survey

June 06 , 2013

Northbrook, IL- Results from a recent survey conducted by reveal newsletter subscribers’ interests and habits. Those who partook in the survey were subscribers to the free e-mail newsletter released twice a week, Crafty Christmas Ideas. Using the results, editors of hope to gain a better understanding of the readers’ crafting objectives and interaction with the online community, thereby improving Crafty Christmas Ideas going forward. Here are some revelations that editors of found about readers’ preferences. The results were both merry and informative.

A staggering 98.8% of Crafty Christmas Ideas subscribers are women, the majority of whom are over the age of 50. These newsletter subscribers tend to craft anywhere from once to a few times a week, with a combined 56.6% preferring to spend as long as an evening or weekend crafting. Not surprisingly, these readers reported that they craft primarily for their family members. Readers reported being most frustrated by the cost of crafting. This is consistent with 34.6% of survey takers who reported that they would like to see more gift ideas on, since those ideas serve as inexpensive alternatives to department store merchandise. Predictably, 80.7% note that their favorite part of the AllFreechristmasCrafts site is any given project page.

When asked if they crocheted, knit, or sewed in addition to Christmas crafting, 76.2% of survey takers reported sewing, 65.7% crocheting, and 39.5% knitting as hobbies. One of the most diverting responses from Crafty Christmas Ideas subscribers was their favorite Christmas icon. Interestingly, 27.0% of newsletter subscribers prefer snowmen, 25.5% angels, and 20.2% Jesus. If they couldn’t craft for Christmas? 31.1% said Easter, 32.1% Halloween. Other holidays of interest to traditionally Christmas crafters included Mother’s Day and patriotic holidays.

Key findings of the survey include:

– Favorite part of AllFreeChristmasCrafts site:
Project pages – 80.7%
Collections – 2.5%
eBooks – 12.1%
Giveaways and Reviews – 4.75

– Stay connected with AllFreeChristmasCrafts through:
Crafty Christmas Ideas Newsletters – 90.6%
Facebook -13.7%
Pinterest – 15.0%
Twitter – 0.6%
Google+ – 6.6%
FaveCraftsBlog – 12.5%

– Time of day spent online:
In the morning – 33.8%
In the afternoon – 11.8%
In the evening – 31.6%
I’m online all day – 22.8%

– Most Frustrating Thing about Crafting:
The Cost – 49.2%
The time it takes to make projects – 17.6%
Lack of variety – 12.6%
The mistakes along the way – 25.9%

The Crafty Christmas Ideas editors asked readers what they’d like to see changed in the newsletter to improve its overall quality. Some responses are as follows:

“Not really sure as I get a lot of enjoyment and ideas from its present form.”

“Make all the instructions for the projects as simple as possible.”

“More pictures of finished products to catch my eye.”

“I am thrilled with what you are doing. I look forward to every time I go to your site.”

“Improve? Naw, you’re just right.”


Anne Rosean
Editor is a property of Prime Publishing LLC

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