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March 15, 2023
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March 15, 2023
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March 15, 2023
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Sixty-Three Percent of Surveyed Slow Cooker Fans Use Their Slow Cookers All Year Long

November 06 , 2013

Northbrook, IL – In a recent survey conducted by, we found that 63.7 percent of readers surveyed said they use their slow cooker all year long, not just during one particular season. Thirty-four percent said they used their slow cookers most during the winter, and about 20 percent said they use their slow cookers most during the fall season. The survey was taken by subscribers of The Slow Cooker Chronicle and was conducted for two weeks.


The survey included questions on how readers engage with our newsletters, and also asked readers about their slow cooking habits. As we head into November, it was interesting to find that of all the major holidays, our readers use their slow cookers most for Thanksgiving, with Christmas coming in a close second. Throughout the year, 12 percent of those surveyed use their slow cookers three to four times a week, and 21 percent use their slow cookers twice a week. It should be no surprise that over 57 percent of those surveyed consider themselves to be intermediate-level cooks!


When we asked readers which ingredient, from a list of 13, was their favorite to incorporate in their cooking, 89 percent of those surveyed chose chicken. That said, when we asked readers what was the quirkiest way they’ve ever cooked with their slow cookers, they had some wild slow cooker uses, including using their slow cookers to make tie dye, soap, to melt wax for candles, to thaw auto parts, to prepare dog food, to germinate plant seeds, to make cold medicine, to heat stones for a back massage, and more! Some respondents erred more on the side of traditional. One respondent noted, “I found baking a cake in the crock pot so foreign, until I did it and now I barely use my oven for such things as cakes.”


You’ll find many slow cooker “baking” ideas on, along with hundreds of other easy cooking ideas. We advise you to wash your slow cooker or keep a separate one in the house if you’re going to try cooking up inedible items, such as auto parts in your crock!


At, we encourage you to get as creative as you can when using your slow cooker. We’re here to help you cook up delicious creations. We want to thank all of those folks who participated in our survey. We will use the results from this survey to improve our Web site and newsletter, The Slow Cooker Chronicle. We always welcome your feedback.



Blair Chavis



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