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Editor - Wildfowl Carving Magazine & Rug Hooking Magazine
March 1 2024
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Sewing/Quilting Freelance Writer
March 15, 2023
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Knitting/Crocheting Freelance Writer
March 15, 2023
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Welcome to Prime Publishing

April 05 , 2017

We started in 2009 with two editors and have continued to grow. We thought it might be fun to “show you around” our offices and point out where some of our 75+ colleagues work, have fun and hang out. Our goal is to provide 5 minutes of fun for our readers and site visitors every day. Let’s show you where we create the great content.

Located about 20 miles north of Chicago, Prime Publishing’s Northbrook offices are just minutes from I-94 (Edens) and I-294 (Tollway), making it easily accessible from any direction. Prime’s offices are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the three-story building.

Our office space is primarily occupied by our editorial, creative, sales, and marketing departments, but we also have conference rooms, in-house test kitchens, on-site craft studios, and a fully stocked break room for staff to enjoy their lunch and breaks. If you come to visit, please check in at the main office, Suite 220.



The Millennium Room

This is our largest conference room where we can seat up to 100 people theater style and is where we hold all-staff and full editorial meetings, large group training and events, as well as various presentations within our company. This large space allows for our staff to meet comfortably to discuss and learn from each other. Many of our weekly meetings, presentations, celebrations, and group luncheons also happen within our Millennium Room.


The Lakeshore Room

This space is reserved for smaller meetings. Many of our smaller trainings, team meetings, and editorial plan meetings happen in this smaller conference room.


The Tower Room

This is our smallest conference room, which allows small group collaboration in a comfortable space.

Editorial Room

Our main editorial room is an open office space that allows editors to collaborate and have creative exchanges. Each editor sits in a comfortable and modern cube, and we offer stand-up desks, ball chairs and other options for comfort.

Our Creative Team sits across the hall in ‘The annex’. Here, you will find our graphic design team, video department, and premium content team.


Test Kitchens

We have two in-house Test Kitchens where our chefs cook up original content for our various platforms (sites, eBooks, video tutorials, and cookbooks). They make everything from decadent desserts to cheesy casseroles; you name it, we’ve made it! After the videos are made and photographs are taken, our chefs share their delicious creations with the entire staff. There’s always something new to taste!


Craft Studio

In addition to creating original recipes, we also create original content in our craft studio. We frequently bring in bloggers, designers, and crafting experts to film tutorials and techniques straight from our studio. Sometimes, we even have our own employees in front of the camera creating something new for our readers! The Video Department helps make their projects come to life and they are always looking for new ideas.


Premium Content

Prime Publishing offers premium content through our print magazines, Rug Hooking Magazine and Wildfowl Carving Magazine in addition to and This department is always hard at work on our exclusive magazines that include original content for our readers.


Marketing Department

Our marketing team collaborates with every department in the company to help promote our content in a variety of ways including paid search, cross-promotions, and more. Here, they are pictured in their weekly meeting, discussing their next plan of action.



We host weekly giveaways across all of our sites, and our storage rooms are always stocked with the latest and greatest products to review from a variety of different companies, both food and craft. Subscribe to The Giveaway Gazette to learn about what we give away each week!


Break room

Our office provides a fully-equipped kitchen and break room, where our staff can relax and enjoy their lunch. It’s rare that you’ll find this room empty of people or free food!


Social Committee

Our social committee helps make our work environment a more enjoyable and interactive space. Each month, they plan events for co-workers to get together within the work day to celebrate, hang out, or learn a new skill. From baby showers to Ugly Sweater Contests and Halloween Parties all the way to Disney Day or an in-house painting class — the fun is endless!


Bagels for Your Brain

On the first Tuesday of every month, we get together in the Millennium Room to enjoy bagels while participating in continued education led by a fellow coworker or outside speaker. “Bagels for Your Brain” presents the opportunity for our employees to share and discuss various topics including time management, workplace communication and leadership, achieving a healthy work life balance, and more.

“Bagels for Your Brain is something I look forward to every month because it gives me the chance to interact with co-workers on an entirely new level. I learn something new every time, all while eating a delicious bagel!” — Emily