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Editor - Wildfowl Carving Magazine & Rug Hooking Magazine
March 1 2024
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Sewing/Quilting Freelance Writer
February 28, 2024
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Knitting/Crocheting Freelance Writer
February 28, 2024
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Prime Publishing Raises Money for the Addus Hope Foundation February 26 , 2024

Northbrook, IL – From February 19-February 25, 2024, Prime Publishing raised money for the Addus Hope Foundation through its quarterly Clicks


Prime Publishing Hosts 3rd Annual Cards for Veterans Charity Drive November 17 , 2023

Northbrook, IL – From October 1 through October 31 2023, Prime Publishing hosted their third annual Card Drive for Veterans through its websit


Prime Publishing Raises Money for the American Red Cross of Hawaii September 15 , 2023

Northbrook, IL – From August 28-September 3, 2023, Prime Publishing raised money for the American Red Cross of Hawaii through its quarterly Cl


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Our Staff

We are focused on creating and aggregating original content in the cooking and crafting areas. From knitting to sewing to user-submitted recipes to healthy recipes, we offer our readers ‘Integrated Solutions’ where our editors focus on the best content for the consumer. Please meet our staff.


New marketing and editorial employees go through a 90-day training course under the supervision of our training coordinator and fellow editors. Skills learned include:

– Adding content to our web sites using an in-house CMS (content management system)
– Optimizing site content through by looking at consumer data on our web site, on search engines and through newsletter analysis
– Building relationships with bloggers and companies to provide high-quality original site content
– Creating engaging social media posts that encourage reader participation and drives site traffic
– Creating eBooks, eNewsletters, and blog posts

The company also believes in ongoing training.  Each employee will have the opportunity to attend local, regional, and national industry trade shows, educational conferences, blogger events, and more. As well, learning continues in the office with team meetings, regular webinars, staff-led training sessions, and guest speakers.

Work Environment

Prime Publishing LLC prides itself on its friendly and engaging work environment. Get to know our staff even better by checking out past events!

Save Money and Eat Hearty with This Easy Ground Beef Recipes eCookbook

Northbrook, IL – As many people continue to strive to cut costs in this struggling economy, it’s essential to have a great collection of frugal recipes on hand. Planning out your food budget requires planning out your meals in advance, and with everyone’s busy lives, that can be difficult. With our latest eCookbook, Frugal Recipes: 26 Easy Ground Beef Recipes for Dinner, we’ve gathered a great collection of cheap recipes to help you with your food budget. Ground beef is one ingredient that can help guarantee you’ll stay on budget and feed a lot of people at once, which is ideal for families.

According to statistics on the website for the Center of Nutrition Policy and Promotion, the food costs for a family of 4 in a month have gone up approximately 6.5% since November of 2010; and they continue to rise. According to the USDA, the projection for 2012 will bring an overall spike of 2.5% to 3.5% in food costs. With these kinds of numbers in mind and gas prices that are also predicted to be on the rise again, saving money on your food budgets is even more important in this New Year. Thankfully we’ve created this helpful and inexpensive recipe collection in our Frugal Recipes: 26 Easy Ground Beef Recipes for Dinner eCookbook.

This budget friendly eCookbook gives you not only cheap recipes, but easy recipes for all of those busy folks out there. Included in the collection you’ll find the popular Cowboy Casserole (pg. 6), made with tater tots, this recipe is a favorite with adults and kids alike. Also the Cheeseburger Macaroni (pg. 21) makes for a great family dinner favorite. Also, don’t forget your slow cooker, with this Slow Cooker Beef Spaghetti (pg. 36); dinner just got that much easier.

Download the free Frugal Recipes: 26 Easy Ground Beef Recipes for Dinner eCookbook today!

For additional information on Christmas recipe ideas or’s free eCookbook, please contact Editor, Sarah Kennedy.

Sarah Kennedy, Editor
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About and Prime Publishing LLC: is a cooking and recipe community Website featuring over 40,000 free recipes for every occasion and level of cooking skill. We also publish Quick & Easy Recipes, a free e-mail newsletter and publish free eBooks (cookbooks) featuring recipes, helpful cooking tips and menu ideas.

Prime Publishing LLC was established in 1995 as a traditional niche book publishing company. The company created its first web site in 1996. Today, we are an Internet Media Company that operates web site communities and e-mail newsletters in the areas of crafting, home décor, wellness, diet, and cooking.

Spray Painting Project Ideas with Free eBook

Northbrook, IL— Crafters are always looking for new ways to incorporate paint into their projects, and with the tutorials in the latest free eBook from they’ll discover a variety of techniques for painting on many different surfaces. With the How To Create 14 Sparkly Craft Projects Using Krylon Glitter Blast eBook, crafters will find ideas for painting on metal, plastic, papier mache, Styrofoam and even pinecones!

This spray painting crafts eBook comes at just the right time, as an increasing number of crafters say their preference is for “general crafts” as opposed to more niche techniques. In the 2010 U.S. Attitude & Usage Study conducted by the Craft and Hobby Association, the “general crafts” category represented the largest sector of industry sales, bringing in $9.9 billion.
Recognizing this growing demand for general craft projects, teamed up with Krylon to create a free, downloadable eBook full of sparkly craft projects that can be made using Glitter Blast paint. The How To Create 14 Sparkly Craft Projects Using Krylon Glitter Blast eBook features a wide range of spray painting craft ideas, including sparkling photo frames, painted mail boxes, glimmering guitars and shimmery holiday decorations. Among the craft tutorials in this free eBook are Sparkling Jeweled Votives (pg. 14), a Sparkling Polka-Dot Halloween Topiary (pg. 16), Glittering Holiday Pinecones (pg. 9) and much more.

Download the How To Create 14 Sparkly Craft Projects Using Krylon Glitter Blast eBook for FREE at Website visitors can also find the eBook under the “Painting” category on the FaveCrafts homepage.

Rachel Bernstein, Editor
Prime Publishing LLC

About is an exciting resource for all things craft – from expert tips to project ideas for every style and skill level. We also publish Quick & Crafty, a free e-mail newsletter, publish crafting eBooks, and create crafting related product promotions, contests and giveaways.

About Prime Publishing LLC:
Prime Publishing LLC was established in 1995 as a traditional niche book publishing company. Today, they are an Internet Media Company that operates web site communities and e-mail newsletters in niche areas such as crafting and cooking. A full list of web properties, free newsletters and free eBooks can be found at

About Krylon:
Krylon, the nation’s leading spray paint manufacturer, is number one in color, innovation, and inspiration and consumer brand recognition. The Krylon consumer products line includes a wide selection of paints and paint-related products, from general-purpose paints to specialty products to rust-preventative paints and primers.
For more information visit You can also find Krylon on Facebook and Twitter.


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e-Commerce – Leveraging our web properties and e-mail subscriber files, we endeavor to create niche on-line stores.

Facts: There were $1.221 trillion in U.S. e-Commerce sales in 2013, according to eMarketer data. The research firm estimates that number hit $1.445 trillion in 2014. e-Commerce grew by 17.1% in 2013 and was expected to grow by about 18.3% in 2014 with double-digit growth projected through 2017. This growth is aided by the increase in tablet and mobile users and advanced shipping and payment options.

We launched our first e-Commerce craft store in 2010. stocks over 130,000 SKUs and offers everyday low discounted prices.

In 2013, we began selling and distributing books we create and publish through the Amazon and Apple stores. Each month over 181,000 consumers download our cooking and crafting eBooks to enjoy on their tablet and mobile devices through the iTunes and Kindle stores. Here are a few popular craft and recipe books for you to enjoy.

We launched two premium digital content magazines in 2014, I Like Crochet and I Like Knitting. Each magazine produces six issues annually, filled with high-quality patterns from designers and companies, how-to articles, pattern tips and instructional videos. Consumers can subscribe or buy single issues at our websites and via the Apple iTunes Store.


DMA Insight says that 99% of us check our e-mails every day, and in fact the typical person checks his/her e-mail 20 times every day. When the only way to get e-mail was on your desktop computer, people would check it periodically. But now that e-mail is available 365/24/7 on your smartphone, people have actually expanded their use of e-mail. And according to E-Marketer, the median ROI of e-mail marketing is four times greater than any other digital marketing channel.

Consumer Marketing

There is a growing sophistication of Internet users, who are spending less time at portals and directly seeking specialized content at more focused sites. The consumer market is clearly fragmenting.


Not too long ago CBS, NBC and ABC networks controlled over 90% of all broadcast dollars due to their mass consumer reach. As cable television gave consumers choice, networks share of broadcast dollars declined. Today, this number continues to fall and network television gets less than 50% of broadcast advertising dollars. As well, television has lost broadcast dollars to other media, primarily the Internet.

Welcome to Prime Publishing LLC

Prime Publishing, LLC is a leader in building multi-platform brands that inform, inspire, and engage highly coveted consumer audiences. Meeting at the intersection of information and engagement, the Prime Publishing brands—all powered by innovation—span digital websites, e-mail newsletters, social media, licensing, e-commerce, business information, and marketing services. Our diverse group of cooking and crafting properties allows Prime Publishing to strategically cross-pollinate and create unique business models that help drive its aggressive growth.

Our proprietary technology aims to enhance creativity, information sharing, and collaboration. Our niche, web-based communities and related services, such as video, blogs, social media, content creation, and e-mail newsletters, help provide connections to our consumers.

The Prime Publishing editorial team aggregates and creates extensive information for women and families. With a flexible, scalable, and proprietary content management platform, Prime Publishing offers consumers the ability to share information through online communities, enjoy their passions, and make informed purchasing decisions.

Our team of trusted experts keeps visitors up to the minute with information on the latest ideas, developments, and trends. Our sites were designed with real people in mind. We have easy-to-use interactive tools, clear visuals, step-by-step instructions, and money-saving suggestions. It makes everyone’s life easier and more enjoyable.

Quick Facts:

– We operate 50+ cooking and crafting websites, communities, and content newsletters reaching an active demographic audience.

– We generate over 34 million page views monthly consisting of projects, recipes, and content articles.

– More than 5 million readers subscribe to our daily content eNewsletters.

– Over 600,000 incoming links from websites, media outlets, and social media.

– Over 5 million followers/subscribers on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.

– In-house video studio, craft studio, test kitchens and 30+ full-time editors in Illinois, Florida and Pennsylvania show our commitment to creating quality content.

– We do our part to help build a better society, through donating to charities, fostering digital communities, offering eco-friendly craft ideas, and much more.  Learn more about how we’re making a difference here.

Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns eBook Provides Exciting Gift Ideas

Northbrook, IL—Baby, birthdays, new arrivals – all of these occasions are perfect excuses to crochet an adorable baby afghan. Not all baby blankets are considered equal, but the best ones are usually soft and cuddly. Children can grow up with their afghans and save them for the future. In fact, a blanket for a baby like the ones feature in this eBook can quickly become a treasured keepsake.

According to the results of the Craft & Hobby Association’s 2010 Attitude and Usage Study, Americans often turn to crafting to create a gift that no one else can replicate. In fact, 31 percent of crafters start a new project because “they want to make a unique gift.” Also, 28 percent of Americans turn to crafting in order to “make something for an upcoming occasion or holiday.” That’s why this eBook is so important – there are a variety of unique patterns and projects that can be made for a special occasion.

There’s no shortage of fun and cute baby blanket patterns that babies will love. Spread out one of these afghan projects and watch as little ones play, scoot and explore their surroundings. AllFreeCrochetAfghanPatterns has compiled 10 soft and special projects to make before your next baby shower or birthday party. The Coziest Crocheted Baby Blanket Ever (p. 9) really lives up to its name – it’s soft, cuddly and best of all, fun to make. There are also patterns suitable for beginners. One such crochet project featured in this eBook is the Easy One Ball Baby Blanket (p. 15), which won’t take long to complete. Let your creativity shine by creating a fun baby afghan as a gift.

Download the 10 Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns from AllFreeCrochetAfghanPatterns for FREE at Website visitors can also find the eBook under the “Baby Blanket Afghans” category on AllFreeCrochetAfghanPatterns.

Julia Litz, Editor
Prime Publishing LLC

About AllFreeCrochetAfghanPatterns: is a website dedicated to the best free crochet afghan patterns, tutorials, tips, and articles on crocheting. AllFreeCrochetAfghanPatterns finds and delivers the best free crochet afghan patterns from all over the web, from easy to crochet mile-a-minute patterns to complex granny square patterns.

Prime Publishing LLC was established in 1995 as a traditional niche book publishing company. Today, they are an Internet Media Company that operates web site communities and e-mail newsletters in niche areas such as crafting and cooking. A full list of web properties, free newsletters and free eBooks can be found at