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March 1 2024
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February 28, 2024
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February 28, 2024
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Recent Survey Reveals Jewelry Making Trends

February 19 , 2013

Northbrook, IL —, a free tutorial resource for beading and creating DIY jewelry, recently conducted a survey of the jewelry crafters who subscribe to Bling Buzz,’s free e-mail newsletter. The goal was to reveal the trends, habits, and common interests within the online jewelry-making community.

The survey showed that for the members of this particular community, jewelry making is an important part of their lifestyle. More than 60 percent of the sample reported that they pursue jewelry making activities and hobbies daily to a few times per week. The study also demonstrated that the Internet plays a significant role in their pursuit of this hobby. The vast majority of readers reported that they primarily receive inspiration for their jewelry projects from Web sites and other online sources.

Of the 3,138 respondents to AllFreeJewelryMaking’s survey, the majority were female jewelry crafters aged 50 and older who considered themselves to be of a beginner to intermediate skill level. They most often make jewelry for themselves, family, and friends and are most likely to make necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

In addition to connecting with AllFreeJewelryMaking via newsletters, respondents reported that they also enjoy interacting via Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Key findings of the survey include:

>Preferred jewelry making techniques:

51.3% – stringing
39.9% – bead weaving / stitching
31.5% – wire work
23.6% – crochet / knitting

>Preferred jewelry making materials:

17.3% – new, store-bought materials
8.4% – recycled materials
77.7% – a little of both

>Primary inspiration for jewelry projects:

75.1% – Web sites and craft blogs
44.2% – magazines
44% – I design them myself
38.8% – craft books

>Most important factor in selecting a jewelry project:

68.3% – materials required
37.5% – difficulty level
24.3% – time it takes to complete

Finally, readers were asked for their opinions on the Bling Buzz newsletter and whether anything could be improved. Here is what a few readers had to say about the AllFreeJewelryMaking newsletter, Bling Buzz:

“I love your format, and I really enjoy your videos. I am a visual person, so the videos really help me to understand the directions. I wouldn’t change anything.”

“I love the AllFreeJewelryMaking website. It is very inspirational and helpful, especially the video tutorials. Plus, there are so many neat projects.”

“I am very happy with the newsletter as it is. I enjoy the articles and the touch of humor in them, and I really have learned a lot of different jewelry making techniques and ideas since I started getting the newsletter. Thank you!”

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