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Sewing/Quilting Freelance Writer
October 16, 2019
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Knitting/Crocheting Freelance Writer
October 16, 2019
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Editorial Apprentice
August 2, 2019
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AllFreeSewing Celebrates National Sewing Month 2019 October 20 , 2019

Northbrook, IL – Prime Publishing’s annual National Sewing Month promotion in September has concluded its sixth year. Throughout the month,


Prime Publishing Hosts First-Ever Video Retreat September 13 , 2019

Northbrook, IL—Prime Publishing, LLC hosted its first-ever video retreat from September 6–8, 2019 at their office in Northbrook, IL. Ten blo


I Like Knitting Magazine Goes for Gold with New Website Experience August 01 , 2019

Northbrook, IL – Digital magazine, I Like Knitting, launches Gold Club membership featuring trendy and exclusive content, along with an easier


Creative Specifications

Creative Specifications

Complete creative is due at least 7 business days prior to your campaign going live.  Click to select the creative specs you are seeking:

Browser Push
eNewsletter Ads
Native Advertorials
Site Banner Ads
Social Media Posts
Solo Email

Browser Push
We recommend clients provide one creative for every 2,500 clicks ordered. For example, if your IO is for 5,000 clicks, we can run up to two creatives. If the IO is for 15,000 clicks, we can test up to six different creatives, and so on.

Click image to enlarge browser push specifications.

eNewsletter Ads

Marquee Ad 970×250 px
Sponsor Ad 300×250 px
Image Types .jpg, .gif, .png

Native Advertorials

Native Ad 300×250 Image Types
PPS None
Note from Editor .jpg, .gif, .png

Text specification for Native Advertorials:
Four sentences of text, 100 words maximum + Hyperlink of 3 – 4 words (call to action or intriguing phrase)

Site Banner Ads

Name Unit Size File Size Looping
Leaderboard 728x90px 18k Unlimited
Media Rectangle 300x250px 20k Unlimited
Large Rectangle 300x600px 20k Unlimited

Social Media Posts
•  Image: 1200 x 1200 high resolution .jpg
•  Text: 50 words + URL

Solo eMail

Click here for helpful email tips and articles

•  Please double check all creative and materials carefully before sending.
•  Send complete creative in 1 email to our Editorial Operations team
•  Creative is due at least 7 business days prior to the drop date.
•  Recommended total maximum width of 750 pixels.
•  Image length maximum is 1,000 pixels high.
• Total height of all images must be less than 3,050 pixels.
• Preheader text is required. Minimum of 50 characters, maximum of 100, including spaces and punctuation. Click here to learn more about preheaders and why they are important.
•  To apply style definitions to elements in your creative, use inline css only. Please use tags such as:
  <font face=”verdana, arial, sans-serif” size=”2” color=”#000000”> … </font> to set the font type/face, size and color for text
  <b> … </b> or <strong> … </strong> to bold text.
  <i> … </i> or <em … </em> to italicize text.
•  Images must be web-ready, rather than print-ready.
•  Form fields, JavaScript, Macromedia Flash files, Embedded Video Files are not allowed. This applies to other scripting languages as well.
•  You can use a “still image” from the video with a “play” button / arrow.
•  Up to 20 different links (i.e. to unique URLs) are allowed, not including an unsubscribe link. Additional links are $50 per link.
•  Changes to materials submitted after initial test are $250 per change / additional test.

Also include the following:
•  Subject Line
•  Seed list
•  Postal Unsub address
•  Suppression list
•  Unsubscribe language and link (if not included directly in the creative)

Please contact your Sales Executive with questions.